My name is Denis Odintsov, I’m a Linux expert working for Cisco Systems in NMS department. We support software products mostly based on Linux distributions. I do that for money. =)

My hobby is Linux hacking, nowdays mostly directed to ARM embedded computer environment. Embedded video, embedded processors, everything low power mobile is my interest. I started working with Odroid boards based on Exynos chipset, and gained a lot of knowledge making them able to run hardware accelerated video under Linux platform. I love that boards, they are truly diamonds. Not only developer oriented, but as well consumer designed (look at the beauty of U2 design).

But my truly passion is Linux as the software for generic ARM computing. I love digging the code making things works by connecting specs manufacturer gave us with the code Linux kernel provide.

More of that I do programm on Java for Android OS, making small useful apps for myself and looking at the IOS to maybe think about the Store one day.

I’ve created this blog because since I do a lot of different things, sometimes I encounter situations that has only questions about in the internet, and no answers. And eventually then I find the solution to most of that things, I thought it would be good to share the knowledge. To have it indexed by search engines for people to be able to find the answer for their questions. I still have no idea will I be able to write a single topic here, or will it end as another dust collector in my bag of good thoughts. But I will try.