Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver armhf MongoDB packages (updated to mongodb 3.2.21)

New mongodb 3.2.x version (3.2.21) was recently released, and I’ve built new packages for ubuntu 18.04.

Also I’ve spotted that previous packages of version 3.2.20 have some annoying behaviour, meaning mongodb server starts to occupy cpu 100% after some time doing useless “usleep” loops (pretty much doing nothing waking up several times a second to do nothing again).

I don’t know with what this is related, but this time to build packages I’ve gathered all the knowledge around the internet how to do that additionally to my researches. There are few more tricks included building those packages now including some armhf specific compiler and linker options and I don’t see that strange behaviour anymore. If you had problems with packages from the previous post, – upgrade. If you just stumbled upon this post – install 3.2.21, it is better.



Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver armhf MongoDB packages

Not getting any easier, but I keep building mongodb armhf packages for latest Ubuntu distros coming out.
This time the mongodb version is the latest 3.2.20 from 8 May 2018, the latest one available, built for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Package is built using specs from the base MongoDB of Ubuntu 18.04 (3.6) with all the patches required applied on top, to make it working on 32-bit armhf.

For those of you who came here through search systems looking for mongodb armhf, I build mongodb server 32-bits armhf packages since Ubuntu 17.04, because official Ubuntu doesn’t do that anymore. This is for my 32-bit Odroid-XU4, more than capable of running things like mongo, while I use it as my Ubiquiti Unifi controller. Which requires mongodb as dependancy. It all works fine for me since a year already, so you’re welcome to download those .deb’s if you need.

Updated version is available: Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver armhf MongoDB packages (updated to mongodb 3.2.21)